My passion for photography started at an early age and has progressed into many areas. While my primary work is sports, I have branched into videography, time lapse, and UAV Imagery as well. I hope you enjoy the site and am looking forward to having you as a client!

           Services:                                                                                          Client Listing:

     Sports Photography                                                               The Southeastern Conference (SEC)

     Engagements                                                                        University of Alabama at Birmingham

     Aerial Photography                                                                UCLA

     Time-Lapse Photography                                                        University of Texas

     Video                                                                                    University of Florida

     UAV Video and Photography                                                   Florida State University

     Cityscapes                                                                             Georgia Tech University

     Event Photography                                                                 Auburn University

     Construction Progress Aerial                                                   University of Houston

     Real-Time image transfer                                                       East Carolina University

     Photoshop                                                                             Conference-USA

     Corporate Portraits                                                                 Marshall University

     Video Editing                                                                          Birmingham Southern